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Odense Recipe Videos

Swedish Almond Butterhorns

This recipe makes enough delicate yeast rolls to have some right away and still refrigerate some for the next day. Almond Paste creamed with butter and sugar gives these little breads the perfect flavor.
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Cranberry Almond Apple Pie

Sally’s Baking Addiction used Odense Almond Paste to develop this recipe and features it on her blog. Check it out here and fill your kitchen with the aromas of the holidays.
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Mini Pies

Almond Mocha Tiramisu

A layer of Almond Paste processed with chocolate covered espresso beans gives this classic dessert a surprise layer that is divine!
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Marzipan Brains

These ghoulish Odense Marzipan treats look surprisingly real.
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Almond Apricot Logs

Chopped apricots with almond paste are a delicious combination.
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Marzipan Snowballs

These Marzipan snowballs are not only beautiful and festive, but also have a rum and cocoa surprise when you bite into them.
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Marzipan-Filled Dates

In this recipe we coat the dates with chocolate, but they are still delicious without that extra step.
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Berry Bonbons

When fresh blueberries are in season, it’s time to make Berry Bonbons.
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Orange Marzipan Balls

Marzipan is delicious on its own, but can also be flavored, in this case with orange liqueur.
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How to Cover a Cake with Marzipan

Learn the tricks that make covering a cake with marzipan easy. Filmed at the test kitchens in Odense Denmark.

Making Marzipan Violets

Close-up, step-by-step video instructions on how to make beautiful marzipan violets.

Make a Marzipan Elephant

These marzipan elephants are adorable, and easy to make!

Marzipan Toadstools

These easy-to-make marzipan mushrooms are adorable. Perfect for a Leprechaun to snooze under on St. Patrick's day!  Great for decorating a Bûche de Noël.
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Chocolate Coconut Almond Macaroons

If you love Almond Paste, deep rich chocolate and coconut, these cookies are for you.
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Applesauce Almond Muffins

Odense Almond Paste makes this a moist and satisfying muffin for any time of the year.
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Almond Monkey Bread

We updated this 1950’s recipe by making a rich creamy sauce with Odense Almond Paste, which makes a sweet caramel-like coating. Thawed frozen bread dough makes this an extra easy recipe to prepare.
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Almond Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze

Odense Almond Paste and lemon give these delicate scones a rich flavor. This recipe makes plenty of scones, perfect for breakfast, brunch or teatime.
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How Odense Almond Paste is Made

Our Almond Paste is the best you can buy.  Get a behind the scenes look at how Odense Almond Paste is made.

Almond Raspberry Apple Pie

Apples and raspberries cooked together produce a lovely sweet and tart combination. A tasty layer of Odense Almond Paste accentuates their flavors.
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Blueberry Almond Galette

This galette is easier to make than a pie and is a perfect summer dessert. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and Odense Almond Paste adds a new dimension of flavor.
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Fruit Tart with Orange Almond Crust

Get out your pizza pan to make this delightful fruity tart. Odense Almond Paste and grated orange peel give a sweet, citrus flavor to this tasty crust.
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Double Almond Bark

Crunchy almonds with bits of soft Marzipan make this a double, delectable chocolate bark.
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Almond Shortcake Biscuits

these almond biscuits are perfect for any fruit. They make great strawberry shortcake, but you can try them with peaches, black or red raspberries, blueberries ...
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Almond Strawberry Shortcake Bites

These mini strawberry shortcakes are perfect if you're serving a crowd. Sweet strawberries layered between whipped cream and almond shortcake make a divine dessert.
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Cassata Cake

This rich Italian ricotta cake is often served at Easter. We covered it with Odense Marzipan rather than the traditional whipped cream and candied fruits.
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Black and White Fudge

Odense Marzipan is the surprise layer that separates the dark chocolate fudge from white chocolate fudge with the rich flavor of almonds. It’s a special candy for any occasion.
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Harvest Nut Pie

Mixed nuts with Odense Almond Paste and rich brown sugar filling make a tantalizing combination.
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Easy Apple Almond Pandowdy

Pandowdy is a 19th century recipe of spiced apples covered with a biscuit type batter or crust, which is cut and pressed into the apples (“dowdied”) half way through baking.  Before adding the crust, we topped the apples with a layer of Almond Paste for an extra special treat.
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Marzipan Bears

Make these super cute bears for your bear loving friends. They are not only endearing but delicious as well.
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Chocolate Covered Marzipan Loaves

Enjoy these classic European candies.
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How to Make Marzipan Roses

These delicious roses do not wilt on a cake.
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Almond Palmiers

We added Almond Paste to this classic French pastry for a delectable taste.  Also known as palm leaves or elephant ears, these crispy caramelized pastries are perfect with coffee or tea.
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Almond Raspberry Pinwheels

Almond Paste and raspberry jam spread on puff pastry make for a quick and elegant dessert. It's a perfect pastry for a holiday brunch or special tea party. This recipe can be easily halved for smaller gatherings.
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Almond Pumpkin Pie

Odense Almond Paste adds new flavor to an old favorite.
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Marzipan Lemons

These cute little confections are perfect to fill a candy dish or to decorate any kind of lemon cake.
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Marzipan Carrots

These realistic looking carrots make the perfect garnish for carrot cake or muffins.
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Almond Cinnamon Crescent Rolls

Our rich cinnamon almond filling makes store bought dough taste homemade.
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Almond Pound Cake

This delicious, Odense pound cake is one of our most requested recipes.
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Marzipan Pumpkins

Make your own bite-sized pumpkin patch with Odense Marzipan or Almond Paste.
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Cranberry Almond Apple Crumb Pie

This pie combines the two classic autumn flavors of apple and cranberry.
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Almond Apple Crumb Pie

Enhancing your apple pie with Odense Almond Paste will make our recipe your new favorite.
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