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All our products are gluten free*
and contain no GMOs.

*FDA has finally ruled that all products containing less than 20 parts of gluten per million (ppm) are "Gluten Free."

Odense Almond Paste

Our Almond Paste is the best you can buy. Use Almond Paste in baking to enhance your favorite recipes. We love it in pies, either lining the crust or in crumb toppings. We also love it in breads, cakes, and even cookies. Adding the delicate flavor of almonds can make an ordinary recipe extraordinary.

Odense Marzipan

Marzipan is a candy dough with a high ratio of sugar to almonds. It's perfect for decorating your baked goods, whether you're making candy figurines (like this bear!), candies and bonbons, or covering a cake. You'll find this sweet, rich, flavorful candy dough adds a touch of whimsy and a delicious flavor to any occasion.